Common types and uses of FRP grilles

2022-10-08 10:11:51 admin 5

Glass fiber reinforced plastic grating can be simply understood as a kind of pavement floor made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which is generally used in chemical or public commercial places. There are several different types, which can adapt to different environments and places. The reason why this type of floor should be used is that, firstly, for the need of anti-corrosion and waterproof, FRP has good moisture-proof and anti-corrosion performance, so many chemical factories will choose to pave in specific places such as workbench. In addition, compared with other materials, because there is no need to paint, there will be no fading, not only beautiful, but also longer service life.

For example, compared with the traditional steel FRP grille, the cost is lower, the weight is much lighter, the strength and hardness can meet the requirements, and it can be cut and spliced at will, so it is easier to install and maintain, so it is more accepted by people. Now the common ones are divided into covered ones and uncovered ones, which can be selected according to actual needs. Generally speaking, the grille is non-slip, so its surface will be concave and frosted, but there are special needs to be smooth. This kind of grille is non-slip, so pay attention when choosing.

If it is divided more finely, the glass fiber reinforced plastic grating can be made conductive. Because the material itself is insulating, if there is a requirement for conductivity, the product type with conductive surface coating should be specially selected. In some precision device processing workshops, in order to prevent objects from falling and getting stuck between grids, it is necessary to choose a grid type with smaller aperture. This type can also meet the requirements of ordinary cart walking because of its smoother surface. Basically, the specifications on the market can meet different needs, and if the requirements are special, they can be customized.